For a player to take part in golf, interest is the key driver. Is age a determining factor? There is no certain answer to this question. Both yes and no, can be valid answers, depending on how you look at them.

Golf for Minors

Age can restrict one from playing only if the person is a toddler. Children aged one to about four years cannot yet decide whether to play golf. At the age of approximately five years, a child may begin to show interest in the sport. At that age, it is usually up to the parents to decide whether to take the child for practice or abandon the interest. According to some golf companies, kids as little as 18 months old can engage in the sport. The companies have clubs designed specifically to help such minors learn the game. Other clubs only admit adults, in a practice that is similar to that of and other online casinos.

Golf for the Aged

On the other side, age is not a hindrance to playing golf. You can play the prestigious sport provided the will is there. In most cases, you will experience your most productive years as a golfer after some years of playing. With time, your form slips away, mainly due to ageing. However, the older you get, the more experience you acquire.

The Ideal Age

Player development varies with different persons. Some get the skill within no time, whereas others take time to perfect the game. Starting golf at an early age gives you time to build yourself as a player. In the beginning, you could be doing it for leisure. As time goes by with intense and quality practice, you will get to your best. The advantage of starting at a young age is that you gain experience with time and also you have a lengthy playing period.