Having an excellent golf instructor is essential. Having a great instructor who will teach you how to play the game and show you precisely what you need to be among successful golf players globally is even better.

This article highlights instructors whom you should be on the lookout for when you are looking for a great instructor to help you improve your golf skills.

Kylie Moulds

Kylie is a 42-year-old professional golf player who started her golfing career at the tender age of seven years. With her 35 years of experience, you are assured of getting excellent training when you are in her able hands. She does her training at the Marrickville Golf Club. She charges $100 per hour and $70 for juniors. She also offers group lessons at $120 per hour for a group of four people.

Annabel Rolley

Her golf career started when she was 17 years old. She later pursued her teaching career in the US before coming back to Australia. She will take you through everything you need to know about golf, and it will only cost you $275 per hour.

Richard Mercer

Richard has been playing and teaching golf for the past 30 years. He owns the Richard Mercer Golf Academy, which has been in operation since June 2010 for juniors between the ages of five and 17. He gives regular lessons at The Vintage Golf Club at a fee of $130 per hour.

David Williams

David is a retired professional golfer who had a passion for the sport since his childhood. He took on coaching and instructing after he experienced an injury that led to his retirement. You will find him at the Rossdale Golf Club, where he teaches and coaches at a fee of $95 per hour, and you will get the sixth lesson for free for every five lessons’ subscription.