This is a community golf park based in Adelaide, Australia. It is strategically located on the northern part of the Adelaide Central Business Department. This is a perfect spot if you want to leave city life and relax while playing golf. The golf park has a lot of things to offer to golfers in Adelaide. Here are some important things you need to know about Regency Golf Park.

Opening and Closing Time

Regency Golf Park is open to the public. You just need to make a booking on the club website or at the golf club. The club is open to golfers every day.


The park occupies a vast space. It may take a while for you to move from one golfing spot to another. There are golf carts available for hire in the golf park. These carts will give you the ability to collect balls more quickly once they are hit a long way from the target.

Clubs Available for Hire

There is no need to worry if you leave your clubs behind when visiting this park. Regency Golf Park offers clubs on renting equipment to golfers. You just need to hire one from the club, and you are good to play. You will also get advice on the best club to use from the golf park staff.

Golf Classes

Regency Golf Park offers golf lessons to people of all ages. The golf park has a large number of skilled staff ready to train you. They can teach beginners as well as professionals.

Dress Code

The golf course requires everybody visiting the park to have proper golf attire. Therefore, you need to dress in such attire when visiting this park. Breaking this rule will make you miss a chance to play golf on this amazing golf course. Thankfully, dressing for a golfing is easy, involving no more than a golf shirt, shorts, cap and shoes.