There was actually a time, not all that long ago, when playing golf was associated with rich, older men. If you watch movies made in the past or read history books, then you will understand how golf has evolved. The more the sport opens up, the greater need for information on how to play and other aspects of the game rises. That is why this site exists; to provide information on the game of golf, with a specific focus on courses and learning how to play the game.

About Golf Courses and Learning Golf

On this website, you will find all the different topics on golf courses, including a list of some of the best in Australia. There is also a break down of activities and events that can be held at golf courses, and why you should consider spending time around courses. Whether you are a golf player or not, you will definitely enjoy the insights that you find on this website. There are also sections on how you can improve your skills in playing golf. Other than following news on golf, a good trainer can help you learn a lot, and this site teaches you how to find one.

Why Golf?

If you are asking why golf, the answer is obvious. There is a lot of information about the sport, but most of it is too complicated. This site aims to simplify the competition so that even beginners can understand and appreciate the game. Feel free to reach out with comments and questions.